The Brand

A multilayered word, Within' defines the source of knowledge, love, joy, peace and freedom; our very core. Synonymous with instinct, the birthplace of all art and design,
It defines who we are and more. For us, it's a personal haven, a place for the heart to play and create, weave poems and stories of all that we experience.
Hence, Within is not just a brand. It is a passion, philosophy and vision of extraordinary homes celebrating design and craft. A multidisciplinary design firm,
Within embodies a vision of indigenous and timeless design, knitting together powerful narratives, indigenous design, masterful attention to detail and uncompromised craftsmanship.
Bringing together a wide spectra of design minds, Within exemplifies boundless creativity and energy from the arena of interior architecture and soft interiors to fine furniture.
The team's high spirited and resilient design language can be seen in all iconic projects and products that marry contemporary design with the artisanal crafts of India.

The Values

A commitment to ETERNAL AND INNOVATIVE DESIGN, AESTHETIC SENSIBILITY, masterful ATTENTION TO DETAIL and UNCOMPROMISED CRAFTSMANSHIP AND QUALITY lead our way to create spectacular luxury spaces in the subcontinent.

FORGING RELATIONSHIPS with our client is at the heart of what we do.
Our esteemed clients are the testament of our SEAMLESS PROCESS of design, development and deliverability.



Led by Sonal and Bobbi, Within exemplifies boundless creativity and energy, with their zeal for transforming aspirations and personalities into unique timeless interiors that are spectacular to look at and personal to live in.

Sonal Tuli

Co- founder and Principal Designer at Within, Sonal Tuli explores her creativity at a multidisciplinary level, her work ranging from interior architecture and design, furniture, art, lighting, carpet and graphic design . A spiritual mind with relentless passion for design, she brings love, joy, edge and an unusual bravura in everything she puts her hands on. A lover of nature and poetry, and India, she describes her work as poems and stories woven through her experiences.

Bobbi Tuli

With his cultivated eye and stalwart vision in the Business of Design, Bobbi Tuli has earned Within the reputation of a niche Luxury Interior Design brand in the subcontinent. In addition to being well informed and well-read, he is a powerhouse in himself and inspires his team with his hands-on approach. Committed to details and perfection, Bobbi embodies the same at each one of the brand’s verticals ensuring impeccable results. His dynamism is evident in his love for sports, fitness, and curious travels.

The Team

Team Within  is a group of passionate individuals who work every day with the vision of
creating extraordinary spaces and products striving to reach perfection together, just like
clockwork. Where each gear has a part to play, with even one thing out of place,
this perfect symphony just wouldn't be.

the services

interior arch

Interior Architecture

Within offers Interior Architecture Consulting and Space planning solutions, which are always individually tailored to meet each client’s individual brief, unique style and budget. This includes encompassing the design conceptualization from the basic structural anatomy of the building to defining and detailing the space, from crafting ceilings and floorings to architectural and decorative lighting solutions, from design of walls to selecting the colour symphony of entire rooms; thus creating articulate interiors for opulent homes. Our creative and dynamic design team works with obsessive attention to detail in every aspect of design.

design build

Design & Build

Within applies itself to create bespoke interiors for their clients, from bare walls down to the last accessory with intricate detailing. This rare ability to design luxury interior spaces meticulously and build the same with complete precision is our forte at Within. Our seamless vision and process from start to finish eliminates the risk of disconnect between the design and construction.

We fully manage each project from concept through to completion, by intersecting the expertise of our visionary design and site management team; with quality products, new construction techniques and artistry of highly skilled craftsmen. When the art of design meets the science of fabrication, with the benchmark of meticulous attention to detail, quality and craftsmanship, it results in flawless and ingenious living environments.


Soft Interiors

Elegant eclecticism towards designing soft interiors which include furniture, drapes and linen, decorative lighting, art and home adornments is the cornerstone of Within’s endeavor to orchestrate picturesque interior spaces. The collaboration of dynamic brainstorming, refined conception of design, in-house production of fine furniture, poetic unison of exemplary tones and tactile textures, assorted use of ornamental decoratives and art derived from myriad influences concludes in fascinatingly diverse, yet aesthetically unified interior environs.

Our team works conscientiously with new materials and techniques to develop a visual language that is a solid statement of opulence, finesse and beauty. The seamless integration of contemporary design, plush finishes, unique cultural adornments and exotic colour palettes brings to view impeccable living spaces.


The Store

The store is essentially an enterprise to showcase our high-spirited and resilient design language. This is where the client gets acquainted with our style, the impeccable finish of our furniture pieces and decorative objects; and also the unique colour collage visible in entirety
It is an intimate yet a splendid experience of an amalgam of distinctively timeless luxury furniture embellished with home accessories and art.

The visual language uses a kaleidoscope of influences, experiences, destinations and sensations put together to create pedigreed aesthetics that embody pure luxury and clean sophistication with warmth and cheer. The innate genius lies in producing conscious and intelligent design infused with beauty, passion and eclecticism. We continually endeavor to create spaces of vivid brilliance adopting underlying essence of traditional India in distinctively contemporary interiors.


'The difference between something good and
something great is attention to detail.'
- Charles R. Swindoll


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Media Features



Within is a brand which creates a luxurious yet warm ambience for a home. They make homes more artistic and are a class apart, giving the attention to craftsmanship and class, kudos to the Within team.

Sunayana Malhotra

With truly innovative thoughts and design language, they turn your dreams into visions and finally to reality..........from within.

Sumit Malik
Architect - Design Consortia

Elegance is the quality which best defines the furniture and team Within. A pleasure to interact with the team. Within makes the process of selection and design a wonderful experience that one walks away with. Having worked with them, I was happy to find a professional yet warm approach to things.

Best wishes to Sonal and Bobby!

Aditi Mehra Saigal

The ‘Within’ collection, it’s styling, quality and finishing will meet the requirements of designers who are seeking the workmanship and complete solutions. Good wishes to the team.

Arjun Sodhi
Architect - M/S Salonika Architecture and design

Sonal and Bobbi have created Within with love. Sonal with her subtle sensibility and Bobbi with his passion have created a phenomenal brand. Within is about timeless creations, crafted with precision and finished with care - a ‘must have’ for your Home.

Adreesh Chakraborty
Architect - 42 mm Architecture

Thanks to the Within team for helping us make our dream come true. Home is where the heart is and Within has put in all their heart and soul into making our home the way it is, exuberating with positivity all around the place.

Sandeep Chandhok


The Address

Khasra No. 385, Plot No. 3,
100 Ft. Road, Ghitorni,
New Delhi-110030
(011) 26502187,88  | (0) 8800228312
Monday to Saturday
10 AM - 7 PM

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The Careers

Within is always looking for
creative, detail-oriented and
passionate individuals
to join our zestful team.

Send your resume on

The Blog

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The Careers

'Your profession is not what brings home your weekly paycheck.
Your profession is what you're put here on Earth to do,
with such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling.'
- Vincent Van Gogh

Senior Designer

Within is looking for an energetic and self-motivated Senior Interior Designer with a great passion for design, craft and innovation; and leadership qualities such as communication, social intelligence and organisation in abundance. The candidate must have a minimum of  8 - 10 years experience in luxury residential projects and high proficiency in AutoCad, Adobe, SketchUp and Microsoft Office. A solid knowledge of fabrication and construction of interiors with architectural services such as electricals, air-conditioning, plumbing and fire-fighting as per interior design standards; in addition to in depth know-how of material and colour mood boarding is a must. The designer must be abreast with luxury furniture and design along with accents - art, decorative lighting, rugs etc

The position includes key roles such as:

- Leading a team of designers on multiple projects.
- Coherently collaborating with clients on the front end and project teams at the back end.
- Responsible for visual research, design of interior architecture and soft interiors as a team, hand sketching and presentations, complete drawing sets, consistent team visits to site and maintaining project budgets and timelines.

Intermediary Interior Designer

Within is looking for a creative and confident individual as an Intermediary Designer, who can work independently in a design team. With a minimum of 3 - 5 years of experience in Interior Design/Architecture, the candidate must also have strong knowledge in AutoCad, Adobe, SketchUp and Microsoft Office. A substantial knowledge of all aspects of interior architecture and soft interior design are a must.

The position includes key roles such as:

- Assisting the Senior Designer with visual research.
- Preparing illustrative layouts and client presentations, in co-ordination with the Senior Designer.
- Drafting of custom furniture
- Creating all necessary files/tables/drawings for all components of soft interiors.
- Sourcing custom fabrics, decorative lighting, art, rugs and artefacts and tracking orders for the same.

Junior Interior Designer

Within is looking for an energetic and passionate Junior Interior Designer, who is able to learn well and reinforce the Design Team. With a minimum of 2 years of experience in Interior Design/Architecture, the candidate must also have  knowledge in AutoCad, Adobe, SketchUp and Microsoft Office. The designer will work in co-ordination with the Intermediary and Senior Interior Designer on all aspects of the project.

The position includes key roles such as:

- Assisting the Intermediary Senior Designer and Senior Designer with visual research.
- Preparing illustrative layouts and client presentations, in co-ordination with the Intermediary and Senior Designer.
- Drafting of custom furniture, in co-ordination with the Intermediary and Senior Designer.
- Creating all necessary files/tables/drawings for all components of soft interiors, in co-ordination with the Intermediary and Senior Designer.
- Sourcing custom fabrics, decorative lighting, art, rugs and artefacts and tracking orders for the same, in co-ordination with the Intermediary and Senior Designer.

Product Designer

Within is looking for a full time Product Designer, who is a powerhouse of passion for design, art and materiality; and out of the box thinking. The candidate must have a minimum of 3-5 years of experience in luxury furniture and lighting design and an extensive know-how of varied materials and product fabrication. Expertise in free hand sketching, creating detailed 2D, 3D drawings and a critical eye for quality control is a minimum requirement for the position.

The position includes key roles such as:

- Creating original furniture and lighting products in tandem with the Design Team from concept to completion - this includes concept sketches, detailed and thorough working drawings, 3d renderings showing materials, sampling, working on production schedules and inspection through product development and production.
- Researching on new material.
- Managing a material library.