The Jacktree House

The Jacktree House
New Delhi, India

Jacktree House', a home within multitudinous large trees is designed with a singular vision of 'living in nature' and is peppered with natural motifs, textures and weaves in every inch of the space.

The foyer and corridors bloom with surprises at every turn - an array of sensorial experiences that lead the way as one walks in the elephantine jade door.

As one walks ahead into the corridors full of curiosities, one witnesses a series of floral relief works on the walls, intricate and sublime! Amongst these is also a perfect opportunity for a moment of solitude with a view of the Jackfruit tree . And hence, it’s the perfect spot for an ottoman.

Stepping further in the gallery, a series of art and sculpture, stand and greet, each contributing effectively to the beautiful alley. A sleek wall hung unit complemented by a shelf full of objects in wood is contrasted by two brilliantly coloured vases on the wall, illuminating the space with the vivid hues. The relief work on the walls serves as the perfect backdrop!

The wonderfully lit staircase is accented with art and decorative ceiling lights that complement the aura of the home. Crafted in brass and alabaster stone, the lights have been designed and created for this stunning home.

An immersive experience of quiet giamour, the living room blurs the lines between luxury and organicity, Dominated by the nature quotient, the large space is punctuated by sculptural objects, yet there is a sense of an edited calm.

As one enters the living area, the gaze is directed to the sculpturesque art on the stone wall, which sits serendipitously over a ginger toned console. The asymmetric cluster of ceiling lights echo the design language, while tinting the space with ethereal light.

The interiors are muted, keeping the outdoors in mind and the emphasis is laid on the forms of objects and their earthy materiality. Each object in the space is essential to the whole, like a building block for the complete room. The guiding principle of the design of the home is crisply evident in the living room and you can’t help but fall under the spell of nature indoors too !

A peachy surprise, the dining room embraces vivid colour and pattern, adding a few dramatic notes to the earthy home. The star element of the space is the blush of the dining setting, clearly contrasting with the patterned wallpaper.

This happy home is topped with more dollops of colour and texture in the lounging spaces on both levels. These are perfectly planned in the centre of the home, with beautiful vistas of tree foliages and a peep of the pool.
The backdrops are simple enough, not to take away from the views but interesting enough to lend a different character to each lounge. A mélange of impactful artefacts and curios, these are whimsical sanctuaries meant to bring out everyday joy.

There are breezy, natural elements in each of the boudoirs that accentuate the understated, lived in luxury. With bedback walls in wood and raw stone textures, to engrossing wallpapers, these private spaces are warm and welcoming !

A delightful and gratifying design exercise, the interiors of this home capture Within’s philosophy of attention to detailing. A natural colour and material palette creates a serene aesthetic embracing all spaces, yet an unmistakable sense of subtle playfulness is evident in every detail.