The Garuda House

The Garuda House
Panchkula, Haryana, India

Designed for a family of six, this home is a statement in colour, texture and pattern. The massive space of 13,200 square feet is anchored by a double height lobby that is adorned with larger-than-life artwork, lights and sculptures.

With a brief that simply featured the famous quote - ’I prefer living in colour’ by the influential David Hockney, we set out to transform the space into an iconic home. The colour palette exudes an unprecedented charm that provides a rare aesthetic sensibility of ‘luxury with cheer’ to this opulent home.

Ensuring that each room features a slice of India, we have curated beautiful pichwais, Persian rugs and art, furniture with inlaid patterns, Indian antiques, sculptures and more.

True to our philosophy of designing and building truly unique interiors, each space echos an unforgettable experience with a play of colour and quirk, yet this modern home has an underlying spirit of timelessness that unites them.

Several of Within’s statement furniture pieces are also interspersed throughout the home. The architecturally inspired pieces sit as monuments within the modern luxury of each uniquely designed space.