Exhibit 2022

Exhibit 2022
New Delhi, India

New York is a story of a luxury home of the 21 st century, la home to the lover of the arts !

A sequence of dramatic spaces, it is a kaleidoscope of contemporary art in all that is seen.

It is a powerful interior design dialogue with all art forms – music, architecture, art, sculpture, photography, art furniture and design objects.

A roller coaster ride of dramatic forms, patterns and textures inspired by cultures all over the world,

The Empire State sideboard, resonates with the spirit and vibrancy of New York. This Art Furniture piece captures the nuances of the city’s architecture and highlights and their mesmerising details. With an underlying texture of the maps of NYC, the shutters in antique brass etching are a representation of buildings in the New York skyline. Framed in a granite structure, the metallic art shutters get the attention they deserve. A peep within reveals a dramatic glossy red.

A theatrical symphony, ‘New York’ brings together extravagant design, refined materiality and eye catching colours.