The Mulberry House

The Mulberry House
New Delhi, India

'Come hither, come hither, under the mulberry tree so green, who loves to lie with me, here shall he see no enemy!'
The Symbol of health, positivity and love, a mulberry tree becomes the epicentre of this spacious home by Within in Sultanpur, New Delhi.

This 11500 sq ft farm
embodies sophistication and luxury
with a natural material palette.
Team Within has crafted a warm canvas
tied together with the family's preferred colour blue
paired with a fusion of colours in personalised spaces.
It is a sumptuous home full of stories that resonate
with the homeowners. This home to a family of six,
is designed as a multitude of interior layers
with art and books dotting each space,
large chandeliers and exotic rugs along
with the impeccable furniture by within.
It is not just a creative endeavour,
but a labour of love to make a house
that feels like home.

Sauntering through the vistas of the lush green court and the mulberry tree is a wide corridor that directs towards the formal living room and further branches into other formal spaces. Designed as a gallery of creatives, the walls, floor and ceiling boasts works of art, be it chandeliers as sculptures, intricate carpets with Persian patterns, antique finds and artsy coffee tables. Abstracting colours from a vibrant artwork ‘River Rhapsody’ by Vinita Karim, the space accents textures and materiality.

The award wining Art Furniture collectible by Within, the ‘Sanctum’ coffee table sits pretty in the living space, as a vision in blue.The ‘Sanctum’ collection by Within, is an exquisite work of art, a modern confluence of form and function. It is a celebration of profound thought, exquisite materiality and impeccable handicraft.

A retreat from daily hustle, is the sunlit dining room inspired by colours of nature with a sea green chandelier and chairs. A large paper art in shades of sea radiates the essence of nature, bestowing calm and drama at the same time.

Overlooking the pool,
the ‘Nightbirds’ bar paints
a picture of a night sky
with a colour palette of blues.

The ‘Nightbirds’ bar features
the ‘Nightbirds’ Chandelier, the focal point
of the dramatic room.
Alongside 13ft long bar table
finished in hammered brass
are subtle details like bird prints on the carpets
and metal bees behind bar stools,
which bring together the narrative.

Facing lush gardens, the double height family lounge awakens with coffee and conversations.
The colours of the sun, sea and foliage are brought together through art, fabrics and rugs. Perched on a gravel bed,
the staircase to the first floor commands the room.
A console at the foot, serves as a buffet table for everyday meals.

There is a shift
to a more feminine canvas,
as one walks
in the grandmother’s room.
A pastel colour palette
of dusty rose and grey
with classic gold accents
impart an old-world
elegance and delicate vibe.

Grandfather’s suite
on the ground floor
dons a neutral colour palette
with accents in blue
and green.

With the warmth of wood
and a green art piece,
the office on the first floor
is intimate and comfortable.
A luxury Macassar ebony
study table is lit
by a pronounced light in black.

A picture of luxury, this master bedroom
uses numerous tones of grey,
dispersed throughout the room,
peppered creatively on the panelling, stone,
wallpaper, wooden floor, rug and fabrics.
In addition, the couple’s best - loved colour ‘teal’
is used as an accent. An artwork
by Sunayana Malhotra fits in to perfection.
The clients’ favoured books and objects
find their place in the towering shelving units
that they can view, while on the bed.
The ‘Brace’ coffee table from Within sparkles,
along with all other fine furniture from Within.

A playful and inviting space, the guest room is dazzled in maya blue walls and a red bed.

The light and airy space houses a black and white carpet, coffee table, elfish chairs and architectural photography in vivid tints for additional spunk.

Marked black, the elder son’s room has a raw stone wall, dark bed and black lights balanced against an oakwood floor, olive green leather nightstands and a monochrome rug dolloped with animal prints and furry fabrics.

Drums on my mind’ Crafting the room for the younger son, the layout was planned in accordance to the positioning of drums, an envelope in wood. The bed back is defined in a blue wallpaper, and the this lively scheme works perfectly with the energy of the drum champion!