The Party Suite

The Party Suite
New Delhi, India

Warm conversations, loud laughter, and beaming faces - this space has been transformed nto the perfect party suite to hang out. Luxe materiality & vibrant hues have been brought together to create a chic and lively entertainment area.

As one walks down the staircase, one witnesses a large vibrant art wallpaper, designed and delivered by Within.
The eye leads straight into the focal point of this entertainment area - the red bar, through the corridor.
The location of the bar in the layout was most crucial and that is why it has been placed central to the plan.

The bar back wall is highlighted with arches
in crimson and antique mirror.
Adding warm cocoons on both sides, enveloped in rich veneer gives the bar a special touch. Natural grains of alabaster in the pendants adds an extra
touch of rich glamour.

Though expansive, the space feels comfortable with cozy conversation covers. Housed in a basement, the space is divided into two zones - one for young people who like to party and another for older people.

Red leather, a red pedestal and red LCD unit add drama
to the area.
The lounge has three cozy seating arrangements which faces the projector.
A diverse palette of materials, textures
and colors
enhance the space.

We used our ‘Many steps and Arches’ dining table as an echo of the arches used elsewhere.
The mirror sits on a textured wallpaper and reflects
the chandeliers.

An intriguing mishmash of colors, patterns, and textures
adds drama to this space.
The entrance of the dining zone is defined by a punch
wallpaper. Two arched consoles sit pretty and make a
grand entrance to the dining space.