The Pretty Penthouse

The Pretty Penthouse
New Delhi, India

This 5800 square feet penthouse,
In an elite residential building in New Delhi,
is a labour of love - a sumptuous abode 
for a family of three. Abundant in opulence, 
cheer and warmth at the same time,
it speaks Within’s signature language of luxury 
with cordiality. Filled with layers of curiosity 
and peppered with memories,
it is an eclectic mishmash of Indian 
and international influences.

The juxtaposition of the rich colours and pattern play brings in cheer amidst the luxurious finishes and brass accents. There is a great mix of some of Within’s most coveted pieces of fine furniture dovetailed with vintage elements like a classic bench, antique mirrors, wicker chairs, and distressed lanterns that add an unmissable nostalgic charm.The design aesthetic is mesmerizing, with myriad elements, brought together as a melody where each note is in conversation with the other. The vivid colors of the carpets and wallpaper reign the aesthetics, and these rich hues are dispersed throughout the space.

The bed in the center is the hero of the master bedroom, with seating and a
study perched on either side.
Wood has been abundantly used as a thread that runs through everything in the space, to create splendour and warmth.
The rich emerald hues on the bed and use of black and white in stone, and fabrics complement the walnut tints.

There is a perfect balance in pattern, textures and colours in all elements that dot this space. The master dresser and bathroom echo this refined design aesthetic - an interplay of intense colours and tactile materials.

Filled with sunlight, the guest bedroom is like a painted canvas of interwoven narratives, the gorgeous classic bed headboard being the highlight. The raw brick wall blends well with the texture of natural materials and the fresh and distinctive color palette of the room. The fresh and light European aesthetic, the simplicity and the romantic charm of the handmade and the magic of floral cotton sums up the experience of this charming cocoon.

The guest bathroom uses printed tiles on the floor,
continuing the visual language of the bedroom.

Serene, yet lively, positive and airy, the daughter’s bedroom in sky blue and white has yellow splashes creating a vibe of sunshine, joy and freedom. The bed and the comfortable teddy chairs steal the show in this gleeful space.

The gorgeous bathroom with yellow piquet fencing on the walls is an extension of this happy vibe. Accents in black and white complete the look.

The powder room is intimate, yet indulgent ; is a thoughtful exploration of natural materials. A tranquil work of art in monochrome, it celebrates Within’s devotion to perfection. It redefines luxury using an intense color palette, sophisticated technology, and artifacts in clay, that tell their story in their own perky language.
The language you read with your eyes is that of luxury, refinement, precision, and timelessness with a dollop of cheer.

One is reminded of Greece when one walks up the steps and enters the terrace. From a pristine white bar to a wooden playhouse, from pretty sunset views to a sky full of birds returning home at eventide; the terrace has all the ingredients to be the perfect backdrop for happy family gatherings. A natural haven on a skyscraper.The picture-perfect home is no short of a lyrical narrative, an immersive experience layered with love and warmth, and celebrating the same in every square inch of the space.